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5 Basics for being an elegant woman

5 Basics for being an elegant woman

As the great Coco Chanel said, the key of true elegance is knowing how to bring simplicity in daily life. Basically, the way to balance what we wear with what we do and say, is the refinement that allows us to be clear with our ideas and kind to our words.

Show your elegance at any time having these basic tips in mind:


1. True love

To express something good, something good must happen inside us, otherwise it would just be a way of pretending. An elegant woman knows how to love herself and never lets her defects extinguish her virtues. She also accepts and recognizes others and does not question or criticize their appearance or their life.


2. Know what to say and how to say it

Prudence is a virtue that allows us to be assertive in life. An elegant woman knows how to use her voice in the most appropriate way; she speaks when she wants, but she also knows how to keep silent when necessary.

She always think twice about what comes out of her mouth and even when she has to defend herself, she knows how to do it the right way.


3. Be sure of ourselves, never be arrogant

It’s nice to know that we have so many talents, but letting the admiration of others come to mind is a dangerous idea. An elegant woman knows how to make these compliments and remains simple and humble.


4. Know that less is more

This basic applies to clothes and personality. She knows how to create that balance between audacious and elegant, she knows her attributes perfectly and she is not afraid to show them, but always strays from what makes them look vulgar. But more important than anything, it is genuine and does not need to add more than it already has, to please others.


5. Have an opinion for each situation

Being beautiful and well dressed, it’s a good combination, but if you add an interest in knowing various topics, things are much better. Regardless of the subject, an elegant woman knows how to express her opinion about it, does not say “I do not care”, but does not even pretend to say something she does not know.

The most important thing is to be open to learn new things.


So #elatawomen never forget the basics of elegancy, add them in your daily life and if you wake up envy feelings, do not worry, you are doing something very well that others don’t.


_ Farah S.