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5 qualities that a good friend must have

5 qualities that a good friend must have

When you find a true friend, you know that you have a treasure and that it is up to you to keep that relationship pure and transparent, free of problems.

Establishing lasting friendship can always seem more difficult, to that end it is important to have in mind the qualities that true friends have in common and so too become a person worthy of a good friendship.


We present the 5 musts that all good friends have:


  1. Take care of others

If you focus on the knowledge and awareness of others, it will be easier to make good friends, rather than just focusing on your needs. Many times we feel that we do not have time, but if we allow ourselves at least an hour a week to listen carefully and know how our friends are, we could keep nice and true friendship.


  1. Concerned with giving and not receiving

As in all aspects, the most important thing is what we give to others; a smile, a kind word. That’s what helps us to keep good relations with other people. We should not worry about receiving, as this will happen by itself.


  1. Loyalty above all

Never speak with others about her problems and don’t judge her, don’t be envious, and always give an advice thinking about her benefit and not yours.


  1. Always positive

We all go through difficult times, but negativity ends up leaving us far from people, because everyone has a weight to carry. Offering positivity generates a change in the environment around us and saying or doing something positive will attract good friends and pleasant moments.


  1. Honest and real

Nobody is perfect, and even if we do not like to feel that we are making a mistake, a true friend always has the perfect words to let us know that the road we are taking is not the right one. Friendship must be based on truth.


Good friends are for better or for worse, they are those people who are always by your side… and who are willing to have coffee even at 4:00 in the morning if needed. Would you do it, right?


_Farah S.