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5 reasons why you must strive to be punctual

5 reasons why you must strive to be punctual

When we arrive late, we damage more people than we think. We misalign their agendas and create unnecessary inconveniences. That’s why it’s better to re-evaluate the importance of being on time and that from now on you commit yourself to doing it.

 Being punctual reflects that you are responsible. Know other reasons to force you to arrive on time:


 1. Respect

When we arrive on time we prove to be respectful. Each person has their own schedules, activities and commitments, so being punctual implies that we respect this, that we value it and that we take care of the agreed meeting.


2. Goodbye selfishness

Surely you have a lot of things to do that delayed you. But it is important to prioritize that commitment you have booked for days and leave the rest of your stuff for later. It is very selfish to think only in you and do not consider the fact that the other has left things to meet you on time.


3. Humility first of all

There are many people who believe that arriving late is a good strategy to create more expectations and to show that they are more important, and that is why they can wait for them. However, the only thing that will make them appear is that they are arrogant. It is always better to be humble and not to believe that you are more than others.


4. Building trust is important

Fail with an agreed meeting can affect the credibility of others in you. Credibility is something very necessary and important at work, try to not damage it and be always on time.


5. 100% Organization

In addition to damaging the commitments of others, when you arrive late, you will continue to be suspend other activities you planned because of your delay.


 So #elatawomen, plan your time to never arrive late and remember that once a train passes, the same experience never returns.


_Farah S.