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5 rules to be happy

5 rules to be happy

It is not about living unfulfilled, daily acts are those that make it easier to approach happiness.

Follow these 5 rules to become an absolutely happy person:


1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Surely there will be someone who is better than you doing something, but this does not make you lose any value. Stop comparing yourself, love your talents and always push to give the best. Focus on you!


2. Put rancor aside

Bringing that weight over your shoulders will do nothing but a bitter life. Learn to forgive, view bad experiences as episodes that make you grow and free yourself from negative emotions.


3. Stop trying to control everything

The world does not revolve around you and you are not always right. By detaching yourself from your desire for control, you will become much more flexible, more tolerant and happier.


4. Wear only what you love

Garments, shoes, accessories… choose for your look with things that you like 100%, your outfit is a reflection of your interior. Sarah Whittaker, clothing psychologist, says: “Every piece you wear is a word that reveals something about you.”


5. Remove toxic people from your life

These kind of people do not care about your feelings, they bust their ego with your self-esteem. Why do you need to have them near? There is no a valid reason! Look for people who are like you, full of life and joy.


Come on #elatawomen! Follow these rules, but never forget that a girl talk sipping a martini is one of the best choices for the happiness of us women.


_Farah S.