We can guarantee the size change and model replacement only if the returned model is not damaged or visibly worn. Size change and model replacement are only valid once. If a further change is required, it will be necessary to return the product completely and place a new order.

When replacing the item, we will evaluate any price difference with the models to be exchanged, in order to receive a refund or reinstatement of the amount. The evaluation takes into account the discount codes applied and any shipping costs. (ES. Maria has purchased a model with free delivery that she wants to replace with a new model to which the shipping cost is added.

The evaluation of the price difference will take into account the cost of the model together with the shipping and any promotions applied. Ex. 2 - First order cost: € 169.00 (free delivery) replaced with an order of € 147.00 (+ € 10 shipping). The difference to be refunded will be calculated in this way: € 169.00 - € 157.00 (147 + € 10 shipping) = € 12 (amount we will return to the payment method indicated at the time of the new model confirmation).

When replacing the model, the new pair of shoes will be sent once the previously purchased model has been received and the amount is eventually reinstated. Any customs costs (outside the EU), costs and risks of individually organized shipments by renouncing the instructions provided, are the responsibility of the customer. (Valid for size change, model replacement and total return of the order). In the case of a total / partial return of the item, a fee of € 10 * will be deducted from the refund amount to cover the shipping costs of the collection.

The shipping amount is excluded from the refund (for orders less than € 160) Privately requested customizations and custom-made models not present in the shop are not subject to return as previously communicated during the preventive counseling.


- Pack the shoes in the original box and put each shoe in its plastic bag to prevent any damage during transport.

- Insert the receipt in the box if it is a total return or model replacement (no size change)

- Place the box in a shipping package and close the openings with adhesive tape.

- Apply on the parcel the transport label sent via email, making sure that it cannot be detached during transport and that the information is clearly visible for the courier.