Our story begins in 1923, when Salvatore Nicolazzo founded the Elata shoe factory, the first shoe factory in Salento. Salvatore comes from a line of shoemakers, but his passion for culture and enterprise has always characterized him: the name Elata, in fact, derives from an adjective of Latin origin "elatus" which means "high, elevated".

Salvatore died prematurely in 1959 and the helm of the company passed to his children who, then in their twenties, had to run a shoe factory and face all the consequences resulting from the death of their father. The union, the spirit of sacrifice and the foresight of Claudia (Dina), Gennara (Rina), Teresa and Tommasina, Maria (Ia), Ambleto and Martino (Antonio) have made Elata what it is today: a family more than a company, which has made quality its flagship. Each shoe is thought out to the smallest technical and aesthetic detail, giving the feet a light, comfortable feeling, like walking on clouds.

Elata is made up of real, courageous women who did not let themselves be intimidated by the difficulties and prejudices of the time.

Elata then continues in the dreams of the grandchildren, the third generation of the family that has entered the second millennium, who tirelessly overcome any obstacle and strive to preserve the sweetness and softness of the design of each shoe. Elata embraces new realities that catapult the company into the world of entertainment overseas, with the stars of Broadway and Hollywood, all by studying a line of footwear dedicated to dance.

In 2007 the shoe factory expanded and moved from the historic headquarters in via Matino to the industrial area whose street was dedicated to Salvatore Nicolazzo by the Municipality of Casarano.

We are still here today, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but also Antonio, Rina and Dina who has passed the milestone of 90 years still in her office, supervising all the activities.

Elata is like a book full of stories, faces and emotions experienced in a land kissed by the sun: its shoes are assembled by the expert hands of the workers and their meticulous care makes them unique, jewels at your feet.

Foresight and tenacity characterize our experience over time and we are proud to have always been part of the Made in Italy family.