Is it possible for a footwear company to talk about sustainable shoes? Defining a “sustainable” shoe can be very difficult. Let's face it, our favorite shoes are a set of materials and assembly steps that make the final product non-recyclable, even less biodegradable. Even the "vegan" shoe is composed of glue, spikes, coatings and reinforcement materials which, once assembled, no longer follow the green logic because they will not be separated for recycling. Therefore, both types of shoes will end up in the undifferentiated collection.

So what is a "sustainable" shoe? Sustainable is a durable shoe, made with Italian quality raw materials. Like our Elata shoes, since 1923. Our suppliers are Italian and wisely process raw materials (from heels to linings) in compliance with Italian and European regulations. A "sustainable" shoe is designed and created entirely in Italy by protected and paid labor, in compliance with the provisions in force. The leathers, contrary to popular belief, are a waste product deriving from the food industry and are transformed by renowned Italian tanneries. We do not use leathers from wild, endangered or illegally trafficked animals.

The electricity of our company is almost 100% green thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels placed on the factory floor. Since 2013 they have been producing 69 kilowatts / hour and cover the energy needs of each processing stage.

We are also committed to being a zero-waste company: the models used for trade fairs are exhibited and sold at discounted prices in our outlet, together with small internal productions and exceeding pairs. With a centenary experience it seems superfluous, if not a moral and ethical duty, to declare that the waste disposal takes place in accordance with the law and that no material from our company is illegally dispersed into the surrounding environment.

In fact, everything we have listed so far is not made to follow a green trend (which we hope will never fade away), but it is a duty towards the nature that surrounds us. We love nature and, if you come to visit our company based in Casarano, it will not be difficult to notice that every tree and bush around our factory is an aromatic or fruit plant of the Mediterranean scrub. Strawberry trees, olive trees, blackberries, rosemary and laurel hedges are cared for by the shareholders Rina and Martino on a daily basis. This is how we take care of the shoes you choose: with the same love that nature reserves for us, giving us breathtaking views and unique habitats for our lives.

Shots taken before the 2020 dpcm.

Timeless styles, our promotions

We are used to continuously receiving notices from large retailers about promotions, sales and discounts. Countless newsletter emails fill our inbox with invitations to view the new collections, capsules, cruises, previews. What are the similarities between promotions and new collections? Overproduction. At the same time, we think it's not right to constantly introduce new items just to keep up with the latest trends. It is not acceptable for us to push our customers with obnoxious promotional messages to convince them to buy the latest pair of shoes. This is not sustainable for us and for the environment. Unsold items are inevitably generated by the production of new collections, which needs to be discounted to get rid of them. We are dedicated to creating models with a timeless style every season, which is perfect for your outfits and can be worn for multiple seasons. Our promotions are not subject to further reductions and last for only a short time due to this reason. Since most of the styles in our online shop are made-to-order, we don't have a warehouse to dispose of goods that have already been made. However, this allows us to avoid any waste and give every pair of shoes the utmost attention during the manufacturing phase, even if they are being discounted and above all we can dedicate the best attention to you as one of our loyal customers.